It's The 38,786 Kemetic New Year....

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This site was engendered by the higher self in order for all to truly Know Thy Self.   We welcome all life forms that have incarnated into time and space from the unseen through the symbolism of the ANKH.  To you all, Udja or Greetings!

 While you are here, endeavor to subdue your lower nature and free yourself of the fetters of Set until such time you are  permitted journey to the West.  Our ancient ancestors left us a profound message engraved in stone on the caps and walls of every mir or pyramid as well as temples, that message is "KNOW THY SELF!", therefore all must begin to do just that.    Don't be fooled by the fetter of Set within all, many empires have fallen and will continue to fall due to entropy and ignorance of knowledge of the high self.   There are no exceptions to the 42 precepts of MAAT, let them be your guide to the West.  Now that you were given a chance, what will your legacy be.  Anpu gives guidance to all before the jugdement.

MAAT Group Insight


  Now let us arise out of our communities and enjoin in the spirit of MAAT, forbidding all forms of Set "ignorance".  Let Truth, Justice, Righteousness, reciprocity and the knowledge of the higher self be the key to open the door way to the West.

Thus we have developed you into communities justly balanced carbon based units that you might be a witness over your our actions.  You all were made in the image of the higher self "dark matter," or "Carbon" and descended into time and space on your free will.  Let there be no distinction between you and those around you as you all came from the inner essence .  We "the unseen ones" gave you all free will and as a result, most of you choose to ignore your divine essence thus you incarnated into time and space based on the lack of the knowledge of the higher self, therefore what you are witnessing is a creation of your own doing as well as your inner associated actions with others in your environment.  Never the less we await your return to the West once you have completely subdued your lower nature, meaning that without the feather of MAAT one can't return to the divine nature,  rather you will continue to incarnate under various conditions and circumstances in which one created through their actions which are recorded in the heart creating Ari or Karma.  These conditions and circumstances will be presented to you upon ones judgment as well as when you incarnate back into time and space so that you may learn, grow  and work on getting rid of all fetter in order to be permitted return to the West.


The philosophy of Shetaut Neter was designed to support the needs of all in the universal family.   Other members  outside of this group are welcome provided they have the will as well as the desire to want know the truth about OUR ancient ancestral culture as well as observe the laws of MAAT.   Carbon based units throughout the worlds are for the first time reaching back to re-establish MAAT which they once knew and obeyed in their communities.  Our communities are based on the system of Shetaut Neter spirituality and philosophy.



The Neterian Committee are consisted of  Priest, Priestess, Sages, Unut's, Asar's, Basu's, Shems and Aspirant.   Members of your communities who would like to contribute to the progress of the Neterian community are welcome to do so by visiting  There will be annual Neterian  retreats in order for all Neterian members to meet and learn our ancient practices and wisdom teaching.  For more information click on the News link above.   Each area  leader will set up their communities with the resources and objectives  below.  HTP!


            1. Fund Council Program

               2. Women and Men Activities  Program

               3.  Ethics, Morals, and Principles Committee

               4. Outreach Charity Program

               5. New Initiate Program

               6. Yoga Disciplines Program

               7. Activities Program

               8. Inmate/Prisoner Support  Program

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