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1.Lacto-ovo-vegetarians- Person who do not eat meat products, but consume milk and other dairy products (lacto) and eggs


2. Lacto-vegetarians- Person who do not eat meat or eggs, but consume dairy products.


3. Vegans - Persons who do not consume any meat products or animal-by-product (i.e. no honey, no dairy, etc). It can also imply that such person do not wear use items made from or containing animal products as well (i.e. no leather, etc.)


4. Raw/Live Foodists - Person who eat raw, fresh uncooked foods (i.e. vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, vegetable and fruit juices.  Foods that are sun cooked (i.e. raw breads) or dehydrated at low temperature (104-106 degrees Fahrenheit) are also permitted, as this technique will not kill the enzymes).


5. Fruitarians – Person who eat only raw/live uncooked fruits.  This group not only includes the fruits we are familiar with, but also some fruits that are erroneously labeled as vegetables (i.e. tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, pumpkin, olives, avocado, etc….anything with a seed inside is con sidered a fruit). Some fruitarians also include raw/live nuts and seeds in their diets.


Note: When references are made to “vegetarian,” the understanding is of someone who does not eat meat of any kind, including poultry and fish/seafood.  Egg whites and honey are permitted on a limited basis in the transition phase, as some processed vegetarian products include these items.  However, one should try to transition as soon as possible to vegan diet, either cooked and or raw, and then from a cooked vegan to a completely raw vegan.




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