Many Empires have fallen due to the lack of order as well as balance.  Follow the precepts of MAAT below and have great Empires. Chaos "Utter Confusion" is not the answer!!!!

 (1)  " I have not done iniquity." Variant:  Acting With Falsehood.

(2)  " I have not robbed with violence."

(3)  " I have not done violence ( To anyone or anything)."

     Variant: Rapacious ( Taking by force; Plundering.)

(4)  " I have not committed theft." Variant: Coveted.

(5)  " I have not murdered man or woman."

     Variant:  Or ordered someone else to commit murder.

(6)  " I have not defrauded offerings."

         Variant: or destroyed food supplies or increased or decrease the measures to profit.

(7)  " I have not acted deceitfully. " Variant: with crookedness.

(8)  " I have not robbed things that belong to God.'

(9)  " I have not told no lies."

(10)  " I have not snatched away food."

(11)  " I have not uttered evil words."

      Variant: Or allowed myself to become sullen, to sulk or become depressed.

(12)  " I have not attacked anyone."

(13)  " I have not slaughtered the cattle that are set apart for the Gods."

           Variant: The sacred bull- (Apis)

(14)  " I have not eaten my heart" (overcome with anguish and distraught).

           Variant: Committed perjury.

(15)  " I have not laid waste the ploughed lands."

(16)  " I have not been an eavesdropper or pried into matters to make mischief."

           Variant: Spy

(17)  " I have need spoken against anyone. "

      Variant: babbled gossiped.

(18)  " I have not allowed myself to become angry without cause."

(19)  " I have not committed adultery."

           Variant: and homosexuality.

(20)  " I have not committed any sin against my own purity."

(21)  " I have not violated sacred times and seasons."

(22)  " I have not done that which is abominable."

(23)  " I have not fiery words.  I have not been a man or woman of  anger."

(24)  " I have not stopped my ears against the words of right and wrong (Maat)."

(25)  " I have not stirred up strife (disturbance)."  " I have not caused terror."  I have not

           struck fear into any man or woman."

(26)  " I have not caused any one to weep."

           Variant: hoodwinked.

(27)  " I have not lusted or committed fornication nor have I lain with others of my same sex."

           Variant: or sex with a boy ( or girl).

(28)  " I have not avenged myself." Variant: Resentment.

(29)  " I have not work grief, I have not abused anyone." Variant: Quarrelsome nature.

(30)  " I have not acted insolently or with violence."

(31)  " I have not judged hastily." Variant: or been impatient.

(32)  " I have not transgressed or angered God."

(33)  " I have not multiplied my speech overmuch (talk too much).

(34)  " I have not done harm or evil." Variant: Thought evil.

(35)  " I have not worked treason or curses on the King."

(36)  " I have never befouled the water." Variant: held back the water from flowing in its season.

(37)  " I have not spoken scornfully." Variant: Or yelled unnecessarily or raised my voice.

(38)  " I have not cursed The God."

(39)  " I have not behaved with arrogance." Variant: Boastful.

(40)  " I have not been overwhelmingly proud or sought for distinctions for myself (Selfishness)."

(41)  " I have never magnified my condition beyond what was fitting or increased my wealth,

       except with such things as are (justly) mine own possessions by means of Maat."

      Variant: I have not disputed over possessions except when they concern my own rightful

      possessions. Variant: I have not desired more than what is rightfully mine.

(42)  " I have never thought evil (blasphemed) or slighted The God in my native town.