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Introduction to Shetaut Neter:



We are an affiliate of the Sema Institute of Yoga.  Third Eye Asia is committed to the propagation of the teachings of Shetaut Neter and Smai Tawi under the direction of Sebai Maa ( Dr. Muata Ashby) and Seba Dja (Dr. Karen Ashby), we are located in the Republic of South Korea "The Present".  We are headed by Basu Nefertem Ur, Historian of the Ancient Kemetian Culture and follower of the teaching of Shetaut Neter.  Shetaut Neter is the name or Ancient African term that most likely you have heard    translated as the "Egyptian Mysteries."   You probably know that  the Egyptian Mysteries is something that was practiced an Kamit (Ancient Egypt).  In general (orthodox) Western Culture, it is often related as something mysterious, something occult, something shrouded in history, in darkness.  People are oftentimes told that they should shy away from it or that they should fear it.  This is one of the great hoaxes that have been perpetrated on Egyptian spirituality and African culture.  The importance of African philosophy is not only for African culture in African, but African Culture outside of Africa, the latter relating to all humanity in the larger sense.  Most people in the world are following spiritual traditions and philosophies in ways that are leading them into ignorance, darkness, stress, and strife.  Those are not humanistic traditions, traditions that are based on truth and universal spirituality.  We need to rectify this.


Firstly, this philosophy is for all people.  Our own Kamitian scriptures state this point.  Shetaut Neter (The Egyptian Mysteries) is a universal teaching to improve life, and promote peace and prosperity for all.  All people are part of the human family, spiritually and physically.  Genetics has shown that all human beings, regardless of if one's ancestry is from Africa, Asia, Europe or the Americas in more recent times, all originated from Africa.  Therefore, all human beings are Africans, sharing in the legacy and heritage of Africa.  This fact was well recognized in ancient times.  Therefore, Neterianism does not support any form of racism, sexism or notion of superiority of any individual, gender or group of humans being over another. 


"Who are we?" What is the Sema Institute, headed by Sebai Muata Abhaya Ashby D. D. Ph. D. and Hemt Neter Seba Karen Vijaya Clarke-Ashby all about?  What is Neterianism? Is it a philosophy, a school, a cult, or a religious program?  what is it?   Neterianism is not a church.  Neterianism is not a cult.  Neterianism is not New Age spirituality...trying to put all the spirits together and trying to say 'Oh, we are all one". New Age spirituality is really a reaction to the oppression of Orthodox Religion, an attempt to move away from religion all together.  Thus, it is not an authentic spiritual movement but, in a sense, more like a new form of limited religious practice.  True religion (authentic spiritual movement) is a process that leads you through three steps: myth, ritual, and mysticism.  If one's religion does not have these three steps, then one is not practicing true religion.  If a religion has a myth and it's followers practice rituals relating to that myth,  is that the extent of the religion, only containing dogmas and stories in which its follows must have faith, then that religion is not reaching a mystical level of oneness with creation.  Such a religion stays at the level of ritual, and leads to conflict with other religions that have different rituals...each fighting with the other over which is the holiest and or true ritual, and which is the only true myth.  This is a source of strife betweens religions.


Practicing Neterianism means that one is practicing Kamitan African Religion .  That is how you can define it.  There are two branches to our organization.  One is the Sema Institute.  Under this branch we have Sema University, where we now have an Associate program for advanced education, bookstore, audio tapes, video tapes... everything that relates to the academic-educational aspect of the Sema Institute.  Click on this link for more details.  This site you are currently on is a subsidiary of the Sema Institute.  Secondly we have the Temple of Shetaut Neter/ Temple of Aset or Isis.  This includes everything related to priesthood, spiritual counseling, initiations, and spiritual worship programs; again click on the link above link for details.  I want you to understand this, so that you can realize that the teaching can be approached as a philosophy of life, a spiritual philosophy or as a religion, a spiritual religious process.  So the answer to 'What are we practicing?'  My answer is, we are practicing Neterianism.


It is very important for you to realize that "Shetaut Neter" comes directly from the scriptures of ancient Africa...from the Medu Neter itself.  It is not a made up term.  It is not a fabricated term for modern times.  It is the actual term.  The term Neter is derived from the term Shetaut Neter.  Neterianism means that it relates to the Neter.  In ancient times, Shetaut Neter was practiced in the land that is currently in modern times called "Egypt," but the African name is " Kamit" and before that "Cush";  However, it must be clearly understood that Neterian Theology there are two kinds of mysteries, the lower and the higher.  The lower mysteries are worldly, practical branches of learning, the areas that help human being improve their lives and learn about the world around them.  The lower mysteries offer limited insight because they only use physical, empirical means for the researches.  Examples of the lower  mysteries include mechanics, engineering, astronomy, literature, mathematics, physiology, etc.  The higher mysteries are the disciples or sciences that promote insight into the nature of self and the revelation of the mysteries of life, the mysteries of the universe.  The higher mysteries answer question such as "Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? What is Life? What or who is God?;" etc.  Our Group do not deal with the lower mysteries.  However, certain knowledge of the lower Mysteries is necessary to pursue  the higher Mysteries.  One could not study the mysteries if one could not understand a certain level of mathematics, language, etc.; a certain level of maturity, stability and intellectual capacity are necessary to pursue higher spiritual attainment, and lower Mysteries provide that foundation.  By being proficient in one of the lower mysteries, you can get a reasonably well paying job, and pay your bills.  Then you can also to afford to buy spiritual books, to read them and then reflect on their meaning.  Stability and financial capacity gained from being proficient in the lower mysteries allows you to think without the pressure of financial burdens, purchase the materials necessary for the practice, visit spiritual centers, confer with spiritual teachers, etc. So our organization is for those who are ready and able to pursue the higher mysteries of life, the mystical. metaphysical disciplines that lead to attaining transcendental consciousness, enlightenment, The Great Spiritual Awakening.